NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II

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NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II is a upgrade from NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo 

NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II give your kids a zoo that can be controlled by your children.

Here is what the Popup Pocket Zoo II upgrade:

The animals increase more than 300 reactions and actions. 

Increase 14 scenes interactive with kids.

Increase more card to control the weather.

This is a real alive zoo.

Let see what can the NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II do?

Control the animals where to go, just use kids' little finger point out the direction.

Leading the animals do action, just spoke with the animals, order them do some actions.

Weather control, Just press a button, you can call the wind in the rain.

Use more tools, NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II will become more amusing.