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In the Wide world, driving as you like, the feeling is very good, kids it too young to drive, they don't have driver license, how they can drive card as free.

NeoBear Popup Vehicles is cool, nice, safe Vehicle collection. just move you fingers, you can drive any car, plane, train, ship, tank...

All long NeoBear brand never give up to build kids' dream with high tech.

when you buy one NeoBear Popup Vehicles home you will know that NeoBear Popup Vehicles is unusual with other early childhood education classes. Smart phones and tablets just only take a picture NeoBear Popup Vehicles will bring a AR, 3D, realistic animals. having fun to learn word, learn knowledge, and make it easier. you will found that buying one NeoBear Popup Vehicles home just a beginning. later you will found that NeoBear Popup Vehicles is a value early childhood education tools.

Change flat picture to 3D realistic alive animals

Use AR and 3D high tech for early childhood education. it change flat picture to 3D alive cartoon. 360 degree 3D cartoon. make study more fun, easier. we are sure you kids will like it.

Recognition multi cards
take a race, which vehicle run faster

Whirling the cards
watch rocket launching close is not a dream

Move your fingers
you can enjoy the driving

Share your wonderful driving
take photoes, video share with your friends

Learning foreign language

Kids is language expert, they are good at learning language, NeoBear Popup Vehicles include Chinese, English Spanish, Korean. Playing NeoBear Popup Vehicles game and learn foreign language, it is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

View, Listen, Feeling 3 way together will keep kids learn fast.

The best way for studying is multi degree interactive stimulation. Here is some data from International authority.

10% memory from watch word.

20% memory from listen.

30% memory from visual.

50% memory from above 3 together.

Popup Vehicles use AR 3D cartoon teaching, will let kids remember 70%.

We care about kids safe and healthy.

Our product angle is corner design, won't injury hands. we are not worry about kids bite it. all printing use standard soy ink. it is safe. We only provide the best, the safest tools.