NeoBear Popup AR Paintings Chinese Cartoon Series

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What everything you do today, is for you kids. kids' future is depend what you do today!

give your kids good children early education is important, good children early education you need to choose good teaching tools. NeoBear popup AR paintings is your answer.

NeoBear popup AR paintings will increase kids paintings hobby. use AR and 3D high tech make cartoon character pay with kids.

All long NeoBear brand never give up to build kids' dream with high tech.

Cartoon characters as kids' companion will bring them special mood. NeoBear popup AR paintings compose traditional paintings, AR high tech and 3D together. this must give kids best paintings lesson. 

NeoBear Popup AR Paintings Chinese Cartoon Series will be the best paintings tools for kids!

Change flat picture to 3D realistic alive.

Use AR and 3D high tech as early childhood education. it change flat picture to 3D alive cartoon. 360 degree 3D cartoon. make study more fun, easier. we are sure you kids will like it.

about device

Apple device:

Minimum ConfigurationRecommended configuration
1G RAM 400MB Storage2G RAM 500MB Storage
iPad4,iPhone5siPhone6,iPad Air 2

Android device:

Minimum ConfigurationRecommended configuration
4.4+ opengles2.05.0+opengles2.0
1G RAM 400MB Storage2G RAM 500MB Storage

Cartoon is kids favorites