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We redefine AR globe

The first AR globe of the world

AR globe is NeoBear use AR technology. Release newest Children's Enlightenment Education product. Apply world-leading 3D technology. let kids have more fun learning the world.

The globe for Kids

The NeoBear AR globe design for kids

Kids need to know the world, love the world. AR globe is interesting globe with interesting color, sound, cartoon... to catch children's eyes interactive happy learning. Get rid of boring learning. 

With NeoBear AR Globe, Early childhood education can break through restriction of traditional education resource and teaching method and share them without time and space restriction.

This is alive AR globe. 

AR technology interactive, 3D cartoon, personal narration, 360 degree interactive, feeling teaching. Increase children's brain,creativity, attention. NeoBear AR globe include rich and detail astronomy geography biology information. With special, interesting, interactive way guide kids to find the world, to know the world, to feel the world.

NeoBear AR globe can be upgraded

Upgrade the APP to get more and new data, interactive way. Keep the AR globe timeliness, funny. Can teach many age group children.