Chinese New year 2017 is coming, what is best gift for Children the answer is Neobear product

AS the world’s leading creative technology children’s brand, NeoBear already release NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo, NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo II, NeoBear Popup Vehicles,NEOBEAR POPUP AR PAINTINGS, NeoBear AR Globe and 12 sets cards. Even spend ten million to grant authorization of the NeoBear Comic. cooperate with Disney and Hasbro Well-known enterprises use AR technology.

NeoBear as a gift must be the good choice. and price is reasonable. Only 88RMB(about 15USD) to get AR Literacy card, NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo is about 158RMB.

Chinese New year 2017 is coming, what is best gift for Children the answer is Neobear product

Spring Festival is coming, Almost all family have kids. I thing a high-tech tools is nice gift.

What kind of the nice gift in parent’s mind. of course a gift can bring kids laugh and knowledge. NeoBear Popup Vehicles not only tell your kids many Vehicle, and though the AR tech will let kids enjoy the driving game. NeoBear AR Globe make all the world information more intuitive to kids learn the world. Kids can learn astronomy and geography, encyclopedia of the world.

“Teaching goes together with pleasure” is necessary for each family.

Neobear second version of NeoBear Popup Pocket Zoo, Use most up-to-date real time voice. the high-tech beyond old tradition teaching way.

Chinese New year 2017 is coming, what is best gift for Children the answer is Neobear product

In order to let kids win at the starting line, will you be trouble about early English.

We found that in interest data when the kids just born, most of parents will let the kids learn early English. the Winter Vacation is coming. English training institutions business doing well. Because parents always worry about their children will lose at the starting line. Try their best to create conditions. let kids attend training organization.

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Do parents need to to so anxious about early English training? In fact, the best English enlightenment age, is the child’s strong language (for most of us is Chinese) reached a coherent free expression, while the adult complex language can also generally understand the stage. That is to say, children can Chinese organized more clearly express the meaning, also can better with adults communication. Speech is somewhat vague, or a word pronunciation is not harmless, have the basic sentence, that began to have a certain understanding ability and logical thinking ability.

Different children have different development. some children will be good when they are 2 years old. and some will need to be 3 years old. so get the average, it is about 2.5 to 3 years old it is good time let kids learning early English.

After 3 years old, Kids can be learning with regularities. their understanding is quick good.

How to let kids learning English well and have a good mood. This is why Neobear released NeoBear Popup Pocket ZooNeoBear Popup Vehicles AR Literacy card. Make many animals and buildings to be real world. help kids easy learning English. There are English, Korean, Spanish pronunciations.

In order to let kids win at the starting line, will you be trouble about early English.

Not only the Neobear literacy card.  but also NeoBear Popup AR Paintings, We can watch many many cartoon characters in TV, phones, tablets and so on. have you ever think about you can see cartoon characters in real life. Now NeoBear Popup AR Paintings can make the dream come true.
NeoBear Popup AR 3D Paintings, use this magical increase kids painting interesting, the high tech NeoBear Popup AR Paintings pen give children a amazing childhood.

In order to let kids win at the starting line, will you be trouble about early English.

Each mon and dad hope their children will have a bright future. so let kids learning with good mood is important. Neobear can help you a lot!


There are many media want to report Neobear MAGNEO in 2017CES

In January 8th, The 50th CES is Closing in American Las Vegas, more than 100 countries and 3800 enterprise showed their high-tech products and services. Neobear MAGNEO also join CES too, get many media report.

There are many media want to report Neobear MAGNEO in 2017CES

January 5, 2017, known as the future of science and technology in the field of wind vane, the fiftieth International Consumer Electronics Show CES in the United States, Las Vegas grand opening. This industry event has attracted a series of cutting-edge products from international giants to pioneer manufacturers. Neobear as Chinese Leading high-tech entertainment products for children, use AR tech’s circular Magneo show.

Because the AR tech with children education, Attract many people and businessman. Neobear rent 54 square metre. it is the biggest area of Chinese AR tech.

There are many media want to report Neobear MAGNEO in 2017CES

MAGNEO is the most eye-catching is the world’s first round 92mm high-definition LCD screen. Compared with the rectangular screen, circular screen has its own unique style and use visual experience: the corner cannot fathom, not essential angle under the action of the sensor, the dial, always relative to your eyes showed a positive view of interface. These revolutionary designs in the MAGNEO has not officially listed before the German iF 2015 design awards, Italy A Design Award and China’s successful design award of the three top international awards. The second half of 2016, and Chinese gains in one fell swoop Design Red Star Award and the American CES 2017 annual innovation awards.

There are many media want to report Neobear MAGNEO in 2017CES

Children will be interested in Vivid knowledge. you can imagine it, kids us Magneo face to book can show alive animals and building. it will get children attention. it can help a lot for kids learning.

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, NEOBEAR is debuting MAGNEO, an AR intelligent device developed for children, allowing them to better understand the world and greatly broaden their imagination. Recognized with a CES 2017 Innovation Award, children can use it and special AR cards to learn math, writing, and more.

Round screen computer show on 2017CES exhibition, NeoBear brand MAGNEO™ into the audience focus

Round screen computer show on 2017CES exhibition, NeoBear brand MAGNEO™ into the audience focus

2017 5th January, Knowed as “future of science and technology leader in the field” , The 50th International Consumer Electronics Show(CES) opening in Las Vegas. NeoBear as Chinese supplier of leading High-tech Children entertainment products. Centrino culture with the world’s first AR holding round-screen computer MAGNEO ™ Nio magnifying glass ™ stunning debut, the large-size circular screen design innovation into the focus of the show. Round screen computer show on 2017CES exhibition, NeoBear brand MAGNEO™ into the audience focus

International Consumer Electronics Show Abbreviation CES.  is held by CTA.  CES is beginning in 1967. it is already 50 years history. Now CES is a place that release Electronic product for global enterprise.


This time CES is holding for 3 days. there are more than 5000 enterprises join in the exhibition. Many high-tech and cool new product showed here. Chinese top AR enterprise, Neobear just finish the AR/VR biggest leverage. MAGNEO is the first AR circular screen of the world. it is a  matter of great concern. With the latest AR technology and the perfect combination of children’s education, the central culture of the exhibition area stream of people in a continuous line. This time in Las Vegas, won the 54 square meter booth for the entire CES China AR area of the exhibition area of the most. At the same time, MAGNEO ™ with its unique large circular screen shape attracted numerous professionals and guests.


It is reported that, MAGNEO ™ is a forward-thinking imagination of mobile computers, the new round can hold large-screen design breakthrough tradition, originality. To represent the future of AR technology to enhance the reality of technology as the core, configure the super performance computing unit to meet the image recognition requirements of high-definition high-speed camera. Ergonomic hand-held, tailored for the child.

MAGNEO perfect for 3-16 years kids. this time MAGNEO is first time show on CES. it is a high-tech AR Special technology products for kids learning tool.


MAGNEO Mourinho magnifier CES 2017 it won the innovation award!

In November 15, 2016, the International Consumer Electronics Show (International Consumer EleCTRonICs Show, referred to as CES) in the United States of New York officially announced the 2017 annual Innovation Award (CES 2017 Innovation Awards) the winners of the global creative technology for children’s brand MAGNEO brand Brother Bear Neo Neo mirror it’s namesake product amplification won the innovation award. It is reported that the award is part of the science and technology to create a better world Award (Tech for a World) category, in recognition of consumer electronics products in the design and engineering of the outstanding achievements achieved.

MAGNEO Mourinho magnifier CES 2017 it won the innovation award!

Neobear AR-Kids finalists 14th China pregnancy baby industry award

In 2014 July, CBME China pregnancy baby show in Shanghai grand opening. CMBE for the pregnant baby industry can be described as women and children, the major awards finalists list by hundreds of expert review and consumer nomination jointly elected, after a rigorous review of hundreds of experts in the judging panel, as well as the majority of milk and nurse’s careful vote, The most authoritative and most just CBME AWARDS Award for best Kai Zhi Product Award finalists officially announced it!


In this case,
As the world’s first technology based on augmented reality complete early childhood B2C products, Neobear AR-Kids box the shortlisted “best Kai Zhi Product Award” can be described as deserved.
From the first session in 2001, the Chinese pregnancy baby industry award CBME AWARDS has been hailed as China’s pregnancy baby industry Oscar, such praise can be seen that the weight of the award, this award also represents the Chinese pregnant baby industry Of the highest honor. In order to hundreds of thousands of products in the fair selection of the most authentic brand, the Chinese pregnancy baby industry awards CBME AWARDS formed a “two-sword combination” selection group, namely “one hundred experts jury” and “consumers Jury “. One hundred experts gathered in China’s pregnant baby industry, the most experienced well-known experts, the industry elite and industry media, and consumer judging panel is from the concept of the development of the majority of Po Po mother composition. Neobear AR-Kids box can be selected the “China pregnancy baby industry award CBME AWARDS best enlightenment award”, showing the strength of the brand, excellent reputation.


As one of the most innovative products in the high-end brands of early education products, the Neobear AR-Kids box has been leading the development of AR technology products in China, and has carried out many revolutionary innovations in the three-dimensional presentation of knowledge points. In the product research and development, Neobear AR-Kids box first proposed the “happy growth” of education, using the world’s first patented technology, through the three-dimensional presentation of the method for the children to show a dynamic real world, in reality show fairy The world, to meet the child imagination development needs. In order to meet the children’s education during the Enlightenment, the Neobear AR-Kids box R & D team brings together experts in education, and with the East China Normal University Department of preschool education in all directions, for the Chinese baby groundbreaking to create a variety of educational demonstration functions, such as interactive answer, English real pronunciation, the national standard stroke order demonstration. Neobear AR-Kids box after thousands of families to use, in the masses have a broad foundation, the effect is remarkable, product reputation has also been spread in the majority of parents circle, accumulation, but also won numerous honors. Neobear AR-Kids box of the parent company of the central culture was the Shanghai World Expo, Nanjing Youth Olympic partners, is the CCTV10 Technology Education Channel Star of Hope English style contest official designated entry equipment. Neobear AR-Kids box has been CCTV, Oriental TV, Star TV, Phoenix TV and many other TV media reports recommended. Well-known scholars, media, Dr. Yuan Yue is the product endorsement. Currently in Shanghai Haha Children’s Channel and Hyun moving cartoon TV programs to carry out cooperation, Neobear AR-Kids boxes are leapt to the same price sales champion! Fully explained the majority of parents of the product recognition.


It is reported that 2014 China pregnancy baby industry award CBME AWARDS will begin in September to enter the final selection stage, whether the Neobear AR-Kids box can successfully China’s pregnant baby industry CBME AWARDS “best Kai Zhi Product Award”, let us look forward to . 2014, Neobear AR-Kids box, as always, the world baby happy to grow and work.

NeoBear ARkids held Charity sale on Valentine’s Day

On Chinese Valentine’s Day. Neobear ARkids had change take part in the Charity charity sale activities on Chinese Valentine’s Day, and this activity is held by “Beijing Hongxin public welfare fund”. The activity is help for Education in poor mountainous areas. for children’s Grants.  It is worth mentioning that this charity donation will be fully used for the recipient groups. Vanke Group, China Ping An Group, the Far East Group, and other industries Hongxin elite companies have been involved.

Neobear as Chinese the only one High-tech educational toys enterprises in the activity. do our best for the social responsibility.

NeoBear Since the date of birth, dream mirror box has been concerned about the growth of children are happy, whether it is all-round cooperation with East China Normal University, or the poor mountain charity sale, Neo Jun want to sacrifice their own one Love, so that the children in trouble, and other children of the same age, healthy and happy to grow.

NeoBear ARkids held Charity sale on Valentine's Day

Neobear ARkids was invited to China University Special Education School Training Conference in 2014

July 27th, 2014, The East China Normal University held a front-line teacher training conference. They invited experts and scholars from different fields, such as professional children’s medical, education and rehabilitation, to discuss the application of AR Augmented Reality Technology in classroom teaching with the latest technology. DNeobear ARkids as a technical support party only invited guests to participate in the activities of the “interactive technology in classroom teaching and evaluation of the application” and other topics, the education schools and rehabilitation institutions around the front line teachers were demonstrated.

Neobear ARkids was invited to China University Special Education School Training Conference in 2014
East China Normal University, Department of Psychology, Dr. Zeng Fanlin did a wonderful speech, with a vivid language, fresh examples of winning applause and praise. The conference focused on the application of AR technology in the field of education, especially its 3D image demonstration and interactive functions. For the first time, the teachers who saw the live demonstrations were shocked by the surreal experience, Have pushed into the booth near the consultation, the scene atmosphere of hot anomaly!
The Neobear ARkids will continue to provide the world’s children with the best interactive learning experience, and enhance children and adults, and companions, and the world of communication and interaction. Expect the children to learn at the same time, healthy and happy growth. Neobear ARkids only for the kids happy growth!

NeoBear ARKids lastest product release in this summer vacation

Summer vacation is coming. Kids have more free time. Fathers and Mothers may be feel bothering. Kids without accompany. because parent still need to go to work. and kids don’t need to go to school. Kids will be feel bothering too.

Don’t worry, Let NeoBear help you. NeoBear ARKids lastest product release in this summer vacation

For Kids can have a funny and happy summer vacation, Neobear ARkids release new Experience packages.  it is include 3D children early eudcation machine and magical card. coming and enjoy with Neo study, learning, playing.


Neobear AR-kids take part in Reform pilot area for Ministry of Education

19th July National Education Equipment Center Director Meeting, Hainan Province, the comprehensive reform of education equipment pilot area will start and education equipment Hainan poverty alleviation project donation will be held in Haikou City, Hainan Province Overseas Chinese Middle School. Vice Minister of Education Liu Limin attended the ceremony, accompanied by Vice Governor of Hainan Province and Director of Education Department of Hainan Province, leaders of Education Equipment Department, and visited the exhibition area of donated enterprises. Neobear AR-kids as an early childhood education innovation products to the education reform in Hainan Province Experimental Zone donated the latest products.

Neobear AR-kids take part in Reform pilot area for Ministry of Education

In the display area, the Neobear AR-kids products once again by the Ministry of Education, Hainan Provincial Department of Education leaders at all levels of praise, that this product for the current stage of kindergarten teaching is an innovation that can help promote the comprehensive reform of education equipment experiment.
Subsequent use of the training session, to participate in training around the kindergarten teachers in Hainan Province for the Neobear AR-kids this product showed great interest, think Neobear AR-kids to enrich the teaching content, innovative classroom activities have a very big help.