neo-bear is a innovative enterprises which commitment to high-tech interactive Internet into the lives of children, entertainment and educational products. Bear Mourinho which is children's creative technology brands .
       The neo-bear product of central develop starting in 2012, launched in early 2013 based on the former child augmented reality early childhood cognitive learning products "Dream mirror box." Earlier this year based on AR Augmented Reality "pocket zoo" was a great success, in the first quarter that shipped nearly 150 million units for a single product , sales of over billion industry myth, and thus obtain a 2015 Ernst & Young - China's most Fudan with the potential of enterprise Award, 2014--2015 annual China outstanding marketing Award.
       In addition to excellent performance, the company also won the product of national and international awards for itself, such as: 2015 Germany and Italy A'Design Award IF International Design Award, 2014 China Red Star Design Award. As of June 2015, the company has four Chinese patents, U.S. patent application 1, PCT patent applications 2.
       In August 2015 the central neo-bear obtain GGV Capital, Qualcomm, ZTE ZTE co-founder, the State Securities's Fund, Haitong's Haitong Kaiyuan venture capital and Liuhe and several top VC A round total of 120 million yuan investment. It is also by far the most important field of Augmented Reality AR of an investment project.
       September 2015, the Cubs Mourinho introduced picture books based on AR technology 3D stereoscopic --- coloring Magic Pen dimensional paintings. The first product to bear the image of Mourinho's own IP as the protagonist of "Neo trip around the world", in the form of 3D animation to show the world famous attractions and customs. November 2015, the United Winnie Mourinho domestic first-class animation brand, launched the "bulk of the first father son", "of bears," "Infoprogramme little magic fairy" series painted picture books, well received by consumers on the market praise.
       Artificial intelligence is one of the most cutting-edge technology of the 21st century, the development of a far-reaching impact on the promotion of technological innovation, to enhance the competitive advantage of nations as well as to promote the development of human society. Central will be based on the number of high-tech smart toy industry has become the industry's leading suppliers of high-tech entertainment products for children. The company's vision is to change the education of preschool children with high-tech means, so high-tech and neo-bear integration in a new era of children's entertainment, learning and life.